1. Organizing Committee
  2. Program Committee


Organizing Committee

Honorary Chairs

  • Toshio Fukuda, Meijo University, Japan
  • Bruno Bonnell, President Syrobo, France
  • Kazuhito Yokoi IS/AIST, Japan

General Co-chairs

  • Christian Laugier, Inria, France (Chair)
  • Philippe Bidaud, ISIR, France

Program Co-chairs

  • Philippe Martinet, IRCCYN, France (Chair)
  • Hajime Asama, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Ren Luo, NTU, Taiwan

Finance Co-chairs

  • Anne Spalanzani, UPMF & Inria, France (Chair)
  • S.G. George Lee, Purdue University, USA

Special sessions Co-chairs

  • Fawzi Nashashibi, Inria Rocquencourt, France (Chair)
  • Enrico Pagello, University Padova, Italy
  • Dirk Wollherr, TUM, Germany

Local arrangement Co-chairs

  • Olivier Simonin, INSA Lyon, France (Chair)
  • Sophie Azzaro, Inria Grenoble – Rhône-Alpes

Publication chair

  • David Daney, Inria Bordeaux, France
  • Yoshihiko Nakamura, University of Tokyo, Japan

Publicity chair

  • Abderrahmane Kheddar, JRL, Japan

Exhibition and Industry Co-chairs

  • Andre Montaud, Thesame, France (Chair)
  • Guy Gaverot, BA Systemes, France

Conference systems chair and secretary

  • Dizan Vasquez, Inria, France,
  • Sophie Azzaro, Inria, secretary.

Webmaster Vanessa Peregrin, Inria Grenoble – Rhône-Alpes

Program Committee

  • Adolfo Suarez, Roos, France
  • Cecilia Laschi, Italy
  • Hadi Moradi,  USA
  • Bruce MacDonald, AU
  • Ming Yang,  China
  • Angel Del Pobil, Spain
  • Dizan Vasquez,  France
  • Alicia Casal
  • Dr. Torsten Kroeger, USA
  • Christoph Stiller, Germany